Cecotto, Sarron and Baker to celebrate 70 years of GP


As every year, the A-XOC Bikers'Classics 2019 (5-6-7 July in Spa-Francorchamps) will have the chance to welcome many motorcycle sports stars. Some will come to enjoy the atmosphere of this extraordinary weekend, sign autographs and parade on beautiful racing machines. Others will put on their competition leathers and will try to shine at the 4 Hours of Spa Classic. Some will be active in both fields and will be present in the Lifestyle Village ...

For example, Guy Martin will focus on the endurance race. The favourite of the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man will meet other big names like Stéphane Mertens, Grégory Fastré, Peter Linden ... Guy Martin is a regular at the event in Spa, and eventhoug he officially retired from racing, he certainly did not forget his sense of attack and spectacle.

Steve Bakker is also a regular at Bikers'Classics. Formula 750 world champion in 1977 and vice-world champion 500 the following year (behind Barry Sheene), the American rider was replaced in the Yamaha team by a certain Kenny Roberts. Prior to that, he had teamed up with Venezuelan Johnny Cecotto, who will also be attending this 17th edition of the A-XOC Bikers'Classics. The two riders are looking forward to meeting each other again, especially as they keep very good memories of the Ardennes circuit. Cecotto won in 1975 in 250cc and signed the pole position in 500cc in 1978, at the time on the old circuit of 14 km (at more than 222 km / h average!). As for Steve Baker, he had a beautiful second place in 1977 in the queen cateogry, behind Barry Sheene.

Note that the Venezuelan Cecotto also shone on four wheels at Francorchamps with a win at the 24 Hours in 1990.

We no longer need to present Christian Sarron. The world champion 250cc 1984 has never won at Spa, but he finished several times on the podium, both in 250cc and 500cc. He knows the Belgian circuit very well and appreciates it very much, which is why he likes to come back.

Like Guy Martin, Scottish Ian Simpson did not have the opportunity to shine in Grand Prix, but made himself known on the Isle of Man. He won the famous Tourist Trophy three times and the North West 200 five times.

But it's not all old glory at the Bikers'Classics. Young champions like Danny Webb will also be present, happy to be able to ride on the most beautiful circuit in the world. The Briton, former Grand Prix 125cc and Moto3 rider, has successfully converted to Endurance. His first three 24 Hours races have all finished in podiums ... So he will arrive at Francorchamps with a goal: while taking advantage of the various GP Parades, he will undoubtedly prepare the return of the 24 Hours Spa Moto 2022 ...