An exceptional exhibition devoted to FN in the 'Salons de l’Eau Rouge' !


This will be a cherry on the cake of the 2019 A-XOC Bikers'Classics ! As the most important event on the stage of the old motorcycles, what is more natural than to honor what was one of the Belgian jewels of the motorcycle history between 1901 and 1967? The Fabrique Nationale, better known as FN, has not only made Belgium shine internationally, but it has helped to change technology, with all its innovations...

In close collaboration with the Ars Mechanica Foundation, an extraordinary exhibition will be open to the public in the Salons de l'Eau Rouge on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July. The aim is to draw as complete a picture as possible of the FN's contributions to the motorcycle history through two themes: chronology, via an illustration of six decades of motorcycle production, but also technology, with a zoom on the main models that have marked the history of FN, often distinguished by technological developments, even revolutions and other inventions.

Lovers, nostalgic and passionate will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the following machines, which are both Belgian and Liège pride:  

  • FN mono 300cc with belt transmission (1904)
  • FN 492cc 4 cylinders in line 492cc with clutch and 2 speeds (1913)
  • FN mono 285cc Tricycle 'mother-in-law killer' (1913)
  • FN 4 cylinders 750 T side-car 'Puccini' (1920)
  • FN M60 mono 350cc with blue sky balloon tyres (1925)
  • FN M67 mono 498cc (1932)
  • FN M86 mono 450cc ‘Precision’ side-car (1935)
  • FN M86 mono 600cc bronze ‘military’ cylinder head (1938)
  • FN MXIII mono 450cc with coil sprung girder front fork (1949)
  • FN 500cc two-cylinder Brussels Motor Show Prototype (1955)
  • FN M22 2-stroke 250cc (1959)
  • FN 500cc Motocross world champion (1957)
  • FN 500cc ‘utility’ moped (1960)
  • FN 500cc ‘Princess’ Miss Belgium moped (1961)
  • FN 500cc ‘Rocket’ moped (1964)
  • Tricycle FN AS 24 250cc 2-stroke 'parachute’ (1965)

Admit that the name and nicknames of some of these bikes deserve our attention. A variety of photos, posters, documents, objects and accessories will enrich the story and invite visitors to the 2019 A-XOC Bikers'Classics to take place in an astonishing time machine at the foot of the legendary Raidillon!

The story of the Fabrique Nationale also includes four wheels, a race car FN 1400cc 'Coupe du Roi', from 1927, will keep accompany the two wheels.

So it's a great and beautiful exhibition that awaits you on July 6th and 7th on a circuit of Spa-Francorchamps combining fun with the history of classic bikes ...