Few changes to the rules and regulations of the 4 Hours of Spa Classics

Saturday June 30th 2012, at exactly 20:00, the hearts of 70 riders will beat violently while, facing their motorcycles (all built before 1982)

aligned in real ‘Le Mans’ style between the Source and the Eau Rouge, at the start of the « 4 Hours of Spa Classic », one of the highlights of the 10th edition of the Bikers’Classics!

This year there are a few changes to the rules and regulations. The main points are explained hereafter (changes are marked in italic).

With reference to the progression of the race and the pit stops :
during refuelling, the stand commissioner has to be present. Each team is responsible for making sure the commissioner is present before the refuelling takes place.

With reference to the preparation of the motorcycles :
1. Motorcycles allowed at the start :
• Motorcycles with a displacement of more than 340 cc, equipped with at least 2 cylinders ;
• Motorcycles built after January 1st 1960 and before December 31st 1981.

2. Allowed or forbidden parts :
• Front fork inner legs with a diameter exceeding 42 mm are forbidden. Previously this was 40 mm, with an exception for the machines originally equipped with front fork inner legs with a larger diameter. We draw the attention to the fact that when the allowed diameter has been increased, there will be no more exceptions ;
• Semi-floating discs are allowed, floating discs are not allowed ;
• Callipers with more than two pistons are forbidden ;
• Shock absorbers with separate gas reservoir are allowed ;
• Motorcycles can be equipped with an on-board chronometer.
3. Lights :
Lenticular headlights and Xenon kits mounted in bulbs that are not intended for this type of lighting, are forbidden. Additional Xenon headlights, originally intended for this equipment will be allowed.

4. Noise standards :
The allowed noise level should not exceed 101 dB/A (previously102), with a 3 dB/A tolerance after the race.
The entire list of rules and regulations is available on our webiste www.bikersclassics.be.

Would you like to participate at this fantastic Classic race ? Then don’t get surprised by a complete entry list, do not hesitate any longer to subscribe via the above mentioned website and be part of this magnificent 4-hour race, a remake of the races as they used to take place in the past on the track of Spa-Francorchamps.
With a large number of favourites and many outsiders, it is impossible to predict who will pass that chequered flag first at midnight. But we can already say that it will be a magnificent spectacle on track as well as in the stands, with a fantastic ballet of pit stops.