The A-XOC protective underjacket has everything: level 2 certified protectors integrated at the elbows, the shoulders and the BACK !

The A-XOC protective underjacketis made of  breathable and elastic lycra to give you maximum comfort and freedom of movement, and is almost invisible under all your clothing !



The protectors integrated in the Underjacket are CE Certified to the highest level,the level 2 following the motorbike CE norm 1621:1:2012 and 1621-2:2014. All at the highest level 2 safety standard.

With shoulder and elbow protectors and a central back protector, you are protected against knocks and falls.



The unisex underjacket should be a close fit. So, the protectors are perfectly placed and the vest hugs your body.

The Lycra fabric adapts to all your movements and remains unobtrusive throughout your sporting activity.

A-XOC protective clothing is highly flexible and easy to stow away.In the A-XOC bag,in your helmet or in the smallest storage space.

The adjustable strap at waist height allows for optimal adaptation to your body.
You can move freely in any situation, whether on a motorcycle, on a bike, on skis or on your skateboard.



The A-XOC protective underjacket can be worn under any vest, making your everyday clothing protective.


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