A sidecar parade led by the legendary Rolf Biland


The "sides" are regularly honored by the organizers of Bikers'Classics, but the 16th edition, which will be held on Friday and Saturday 29-30 June and Sunday, July 1, should especially delight fans of these funny machines.

A special two-stroke sidecar parade will bring together for the first time an impressive series of big names in the discipline, including many world champions, who will be reunited with their machine, and their monkey. The list of participants in this unique parade is not yet complete, but it already has names that suggest an unforgettable spectacle:

  • Rolf Biland (LCR-Swissauto), seven-time world champion between 1978 and 1994;
  • Rolf Steinhausen (Busch König), world champion 1975 and 1976;
  • Bruno Holzer (LCR B2B), world champion 1979;
  • Steve Webster (LCR Krauser), 10 times world champion between 1987 and 2004;
  • Ralph Bohnhorst (Windle Yamaha TZ), world champion 1989;
  • Egbert Streuer (LCR Stredor), 3-time world champion from 1984 to 1986;
  • Werner Schwärzel (Schwärzel König), world champion 1982;
  • Derek Jones (Ireson Yamaha TZ 750)…

And many others who will probably form the most beautiful panoply of world champions in the discipline, gathered on the most beautiful circuit in the world for a "two-stroke" concert that will leave indelible memories for the eyes as for ears…