Trial Vintage, the second one !

After a first appearance applauded by both spectators and participants, the old trial machines will be back for the 2019 edition of the Bikers'Classics. Launched intuitively by the DG Sport team, the Vintage Trial immediately and naturally found its bearings in the paddocks of the Classics as in his Lifestyle Village. As for its playground, it could not be better than the green setting of the most beautiful circuit in the world.

"This first Vintage Trial was a real success and a great source of satisfaction,"explains DG Sport's Florian Jupsin. "The p

articipants were treated to a wonderful course and a very friendly atmosphere. They were delighted with their presence ... "

Foreign participation (especially British) was important for this first edition. It should be the same this year, especially as registrations are already open, with a program that is at least enticing with two trial days, 15 different zones, 12 interzones and an indescribable atmosphere.