The weeks that bring us closer to the 2022 edition of the Bikers’Classics, scheduled for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July, go by. And in the ranks of DG Sport, we are working hard to ensure that this Track-Day-like event meets the expectations of the participants, of course, but also of the spectators!

« Let it be said, the Bikers’Classics retain more than ever their status as a flagship event for amateurs and enthusiasts of vintage motorcycles, comments Florian Jupsin on behalf of DG Sport. As for the different runs on the track, the main development is a reorganization of the groups thanks to the transponders. This means that the bikers will find themselves in action on the circuit with other participants evolving in similar lap times, so as to make these sessions homogeneous…»

With the return of the public, other activities are also planned and set up by DG Sport. « The Bikers’Classics will not be limited to riding, quite the contrary, continues Florian Jupsin. We are working hard on several exhibitions, while personalities from the motorcycle world will enhance the event with their presence. In short, it will be more than ever the celebration of old motorcycles, whether on the track or in the paddocks ! »The summer appointment is made. 

Fermer Zoomer