After having given a new direction to the ever-popular Bikers’Classics, now consisting of track sessions coupled with multiple animations, all in the presence of prestigious guests, DG Sport is going even further for the 2023 edition. The basic principle remains unchanged yet the event will become one of the headliners of the new Bikers’Festival on the weekend of August 12 and 13 !

This is called change in continuity. The concept of the Bikers’Classics will, more than ever, put the owners and enthusiasts of old racing motorcycles in the spotlight, allowing them to enjoy numerous rounds on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps for two days. The idea however was to place this rolling museum even more under the spotlight, and that has resulted in a shift in the – already very busy ! –  summer calendar of the legendary track of the Ardennes.

« It is indeed the weekend of August 12 and 13 that we expect the classic motorcycle community, confirms Florian Jupsin on behalf of DG Sport. The Bikers’Classics will be one of the basic ingredients of the new Bikers’Festival, an ambitious event that wants to quickly establish itself as the greatest motorcycle celebration of the past and the present in the heart of summer. But the usual suspects of the Bikers’Classics can rest assured, for them nothing will change, since the formula developed since 2021 is once again applied, i.e. Track-Days with transponder, but also the prestigious parades allowing the public enjoy the glories of yesteryear, dedication sessions, etc… »

The other ingredients of the Bikers’Classics, such as ‘The Trial Classics’ and the revival of the ‘2 Jours de Stavelot’ on the enduro front, will also enrich the Bikers’Festival program.

Let it be said, the Bikers’Classics are in no way sacrificed or threatened. On the contrary, DG Sport intends to boost public participation and thus allow the passion to be transmitted between generations.

See you in Spa in mid-August for a hell of a ride on ‘the most beautiful circuit in the world’…     

Fermer Zoomer