• Classic road or racing motorbikes, 2 or 4-stroke built between 31/12/1939 and 31/12/2000.
  • Post-classic 2-stroke racing motorcycles, GP or Customer Racing (e. g. : Yamaha TZ, Suzuki RG, Aprilia RS 125, Aprilia RS 250 …) built between 31/12/1972 and 31/12/2008.
  • Superbike see eligibility list

N.B : Cafe Racers built on basis of modern bikes are not accepted.

Unsilenced exhausts are allowed – Slick tires for bikes built after 1972 are allowed.

Side Car

Side cars built before 1991 are accepted. 

Machine configuration

The machine must be in its original configuration.  Any replaced parts must be externally similar to the original ones.
The side and/or central stand must be removed or secured firmly to the frame. Removal is strongly recommended.

For the category Classic motorcycles the following modifications are not allowed : 4 and 6 pistons front brake calliper, upside down forks.
Tyres and brakes must be in good order.  If they still exist, mirrors and indicators must be removed and lights covered securely with tape. These measures are essential for safety.

Strongly advised but not compulsory :
The installation of a catch tank is strongly advised for all wet sump, and/or water-cooled machines.
This should be able to hold at least half of the lubricant and/or coolant used in the motorcycle. The minimum capacity of for the catch tank must be 500ml or two pints.

Reserve bike : Only on the day, if the main registered bike breaks down or is damaged, you can register a reserve bike.  This one must exclusively be in the same category as the main bike !  For that, bring the 2 bikes to the technical scrutineering : the main bike will be relegated then you’ll get a start number for the second bike.

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