An entry is individual and personal.  It is valid for one person  – and not for one bike.
Your booking is valid when the entry form has been filled in, sent back to the organizer and the payment has been accepted.
Your entry fee has to be sent within 14 days of booking otherwise your entry will be cancelled.
You will receive the riders’ final instructions by mail about 3 weeks before “Bikers’ Classics.”
The entry form is valid for only 1 motorcycle !
If you wish to enter two machines : the machines must be of different categories (i.e. year, cubic capacity, performance), they will be treated as separate entries on 2 different forms and an individual fee must be paid for each machine.

In the rare case where, for a reason beyond our control (bad weather, a major track incident, etc) should one or more of the sessions or the whole event be cancelled, the participants undertake not to ask for any indemnity or refund from the promoter.


In the case you would like to cancel :

  • up until 60 days before the event, the amount of your entry will be reimbursed less 10% of expenses.
  • between 60 ad 30 days before the event, the amount of your entry will be reimbursed less 50% of expenses.
  • less than 30 days before the event, NO reimbursment.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event following any major incident 20 days before the anticipated date. 


All participants have to wear a padded leather suit (one-piece or two-piece zipped around the waist), a full integral helmet conforming to present safety standards (ECE2205 or FIM standard), leather boots and gloves.
Cromwell and “Pudding Basin” helmets are not permitted. A back protector is strongly advised, although it is not required.
A compulsory technical inspection will be held for all motorcycles and riders’ equipment.



Fermer Zoomer